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Why Do You Buy So Many Pants? A Bunch Of Foot Pants Is Enough!
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Pants ~

As you can not get rid of the whole life of the next pack category ...

From the time of birth pants

By the age of 20, dozens of are not counted. Live to 80 Maybe there will be hundreds of more than!

Of course, as a pair of trousers "if you do not change, you will be forgotten by men!" "After all they have hundreds of pairs of trousers!" Fashion is so, but in recent years there is a kind of trousers as if occupy the hearts of the vast majority of men, that is the bundle of feet pants.

The most important two design details of a corset, one is the threaded elastic foot mouth, can maintain the smooth profile in the movement, and will fasten the trouser leg to the ankle height, saves the tidal person every day to draw up the trousers the trouble, another is pulls the rope or the elastic waist line design, will Belt's fetter feeling dispelled, fashionable is effortless.

The advantages of a bunch of feet pants, it with a variety of personality, comfortable dress feeling, easy to control the affinity of the people, and who wear the ultimate goal of good-looking, so that you successfully surpass all the taboo with a leap into the streets of Shining boy.