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What's The Difference Between Feet Pants And Pencil Pants?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

What's the difference between feet pants and pencil pants?

Pencil pants, the proposal is a leg shape slender person wear more good-looking, as the name implies, up and down is as straight as pencil thin, pencil pants must be very thin legs, leg shape is very straight very good person wear just good-looking.As for the feet pants, know straight pants, it is different with straight pants from the knee place comparison begins to fit crus.Pencil pants are similar to those for the little feet, which are tight and narrow from top to bottom, slightly wider at the top, and narrower at the bottom from the knees.Pencil pants must be thin legs, leg shape is very straight very good people wear beautiful, look at the general models are very thin, thin legs.If the legs are not thin enough, they will look thick when worn.Feet pants is good, also be very shape legs, just not like pencil pants from top to bottom are stretched tightly, or feet pants wearing more comfortable, especially thigh than pencil pants, but this is very take shape legs, feet pants on the leg is not fine like models, feet pants is really thin, also appears thin leg, it is comfortable to wear.It has always been assumed that pencil pants aren't for the masses, that not everyone looks good in them, and that only those who are thin look good in them.Can wear pencil pants to taste, wear good-looking, really want a figure to do.The whole body type of pencil pants, generally elastic fabric, small leg parts are not necessarily compact, pencil pants more than small leg shape.Pencil pants are leggings, but leggings aren't necessarily pencil pants.Feet pants and pencil pants pants of distinguishing the first type is different pencil pants, like pencils, bag from top to bottom pants are very tight of that kind of bound feet from knee to ankle place to accept hip circumference is loose and trousers fitted pencil pants leg must be very thin compared to pick shape legs straight good man didn't look good on the general those models are very thin leg is very thin if the leg is not fine, so wear out pants is good, can appear very thick legs and feet are taking shape legs can wear of the masses

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