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What Fabric Is Comfortable To Wear In Summer?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

What fabric is comfortable to wear in summer?

The fabric that suits to do pajama is the cotton silk that the net calls, we call man-made cotton, advantage is cool, breathe freely, absorb sweat, adult and child hand one set, drawback: too soft, easy crease, want shrink, bad modelling, suit to do pajama quite so.Suggestion: choose high volume artificial cotton if there is no special requirement at home

Dress: can use artificial cotton, the drawback is easy to absorb, can expose small belly, this version is very important;Also can use knitting high cotton, attention is high cotton, not too can be out of shape, feel is soft of course real silk and copper ammonia fabric is best, be bad to do namely, copper ammonia is good to do relatively real silk.

Short skirt: artificial cotton, woven cotton, knitted cotton, comfort cotton is the best, shape or woven cotton.

T shirt: cotton, high quality cotton, delicate and not easy to deform, also can choose the moisture absorption and perspiration of all polyester fabric, this is the type of sports based, less choice

Trousers: high price chooses acetate fabrics, low price chooses man-made silks, the former is elegant, hang sex is strong, cool, the latter hang sex is poor still want to wear jeans, knitted sky silk jean fabrics is your best choice

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