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What Are The Misconceptions That Consumers Generally Buy In Jeans?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Because the general consumer of the fabric and version and washing quality will not be identified, so usually think of course everything in style and price as the center. In fact, leaving the version and fabric texture and processing quality to talk about the style, is meaningless, this is a considerable consumption error. Buy jeans, only in the guarantee version, fabric and processing are no big problems under the premise, only consider the choice of their favorite style. Many of the classic jeans, including world famous brands, styles are very simple to do, even many ordinary consumers still think it is ugly and not fashionable, but because they are in the version, fabric and processing these intrinsic quality to do very well, so put on these trousers, even if the style to do very simple, It is a kind of high-grade aristocratic temperament can be reflected. On the contrary, many do not have the intrinsic quality of the jeans, although the style imitation is very good, but how to see is not the grade of products, and washed a few times, its quality is miserable. In addition, consumers do not pay much attention to the cost of products, excessive pursuit of cheap junk products or excessive superstition some high prices but not very good quality of the foreign brands, is also a very immature performance.