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What Are The Main Means Of Adulteration Of Fabric In The Market?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Usually has raw material adulteration and the organization adulteration, the raw material adulteration mainly refers to uses the price relatively inexpensive chemical fiber to replace the cotton, as well as the use of falling cotton, recycled cotton (equivalent to the paper industry in the recycling of waste paper) such a serious impact on human health of poor raw materials spun yarn for denim weaving, dyed dark, usually consumption can not be identified. The quality of the market on the 10 ring spinning slub yarn, usually 23000 yuan/ton up and down, but recycled cotton yarn as long as thousands of dollars a ton, the difference is amazing. Elastic fabric in the use of poor quality spandex silk products after washing a few times there is no elasticity. At the same time for yarn dyeing dyes, the price is very different, poor quality of the cloth is usually the cheapest dye to dye. Tissue adulteration means that some fabrics look like qualified fabrics, but the organization is obviously sparse, cloth style is far inferior to qualified products, that is, Jerry. In addition, the generally poor quality of the cloth is usually by the elimination of old machines (the price is only equivalent to One-tenth of the imported new loom, less than) woven out, due to equipment constraints, weaving out of the cloth, not only the organization of a single, varieties to Da Lu Huo mainly, and the fabric style is obviously very poor, the cloth is a bit more silly.