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What Are The Differences Between Casual Pants?
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Generally speaking, casual pants are generally divided into three categories.

The first is the pleated pants.

That is, there are several pleats in front of the waist. This type of trousers is suitable for almost all wearers, regardless of their size. Because these folds have a certain "dilatancy", the fat people with large bellies wear them, the folds will naturally stretch out, so that the wearer feels not tight, but it seems not spiritual.

The second is the single pleated pants.

That is, a fold is symmetrically designed in front of the waist. Compared with the former, the trousers are more fluent and have a certain "capacity expansion". This type of trousers is popular this season, and the first type of trousers has faded out of the market.

Single pleated pants

The third is pants pants.

European version of trousers

That is, the European version of trousers, that is, without any pleat in the waist, it looks quite smooth and looks like a slender leg. According to introducing, this pants type fat person is also very good. Therefore, men with better body shape should pay attention to this kind of trousers, and men with "beer belly" should not refuse, may as well have a try. Of course, it is necessary to lose weight for men who have a more "spectacular" waist, whether from a health point of view or from the perspective of wearing a perfect image.

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