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What Are The Characteristics Of Narrow - Footed Harem Pants?
- Sep 16, 2018 -

Traditional harem pants are similar to bloomers, but more stylish than bloomers, but are wide at the top and fat at the bottom, and not suitable for most people.The harem pants that became popular after 2007 were different from usual. After the fashion cycle, many designers added fresh blood to harem pants, which also made the style of harem pants various, but now the most popular is the handsome narrow feet harem pants.

Characteristics of narrow legs harem pants: the size of the lower leg is relatively narrow, but the hip or large legs still keep the original loose and comfortable.

This kind of pants not only can lengthen crus, model the curve outline of crus, still can cover the defect of hip or ham place effectively, model leg line effectively

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