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What Are The Categories Of Pencil Pants?
- Sep 18, 2018 -

What are the categories of pencil pants?

  1. Jean pencil pants

    Because bull-puncher fabric can slant a little bit harder commonly a few (of course, soft and hard degree still depends on wash craft), the more firm and firm fabric has the effect of model form more, can cover leg ministry small shortcoming.

  2. Twill pencil pants

    The fabric is actually a kind of denim, which belongs to the woven fabric.Why is it called "color cow"?Because this kind of material is often used to make pencil pants, and the craft USES the jeans special car suture way, such as the double line of the doormat, the color bright line and so on, also can increase the watch pocket decoration, let it look jeans effect.

    Pencil pants made of twill jeans are softer and more elastic than jeans, are more comfortable to wear and can be made in a lot of colors.But the durability is less than the cowboy, and the craftsmanship is more limited.But fabric prices are relatively affordable, and learning the craft of jeans has meant that twill has replaced much of denim on the low and middle end of the market.

  3. Ripped pencil pants

    This element is also very popular, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Therefore, the shop owner should control the percentage of items with the broken element in his selection.

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