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The Way To Match Color
- Sep 09, 2018 -

The collocation method of dress color

(1) upper and lower: dignified, generous, tranquil and serious

(2) up and down: lively, lively, cheerful and confident

(3) when the top is highlighted: the trousers are a little darker than the top

(4) when trousers are highlighted: the coat is a little darker than the trousers

(5) green color is difficult to match, and it can be combined with coffee color in the costume

(6) when the coat has a horizontal pattern, pants cannot wear vertical stripes or plaid

(7) the top has vertical pattern, and the trousers should avoid horizontal stripes or checks

(8There are variegated colors on the top and solid colors should be worn on the trousers

(9) when trousers are variegated, tops should be avoided

(10) when the jacket pattern is large or complex, wear a solid color trouser suit

(11) when the middle color is a combination of solid colors and solid colors, it should be accompanied by small accessories