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How To Wear Yoga Pants To Work Part 2?
- Sep 17, 2018 -

(3)Wear tops that go past your bottom. This is one of the most important parts about wearing yoga pants to work and the key to an appropriate outfit. Wear long shirts or sweaters that go past your bottom, or even opt for a dress over your pants. Wearing longer tops will ensure you look professional and work-appropriate.

(4)Separate your workout pants from your work pants. You shouldn't be wearing the same yoga pants to work that you just worked out in at the gym. Not only do you not want to be wearing smelly clothing at work, but you want to preserve the quality of your work yoga pants. To do this, make sure you have separate yoga pants for work and the gym.

(5)Keep all logos hidden. To make sure your look remains professional, you don’t want people to be able to see the logos on your yoga pants. Logos, as well as any colorful side stripes, give off an athletic vibe that doesn’t fit in the office. Most logos are on the waistband of your yoga pants, making them easy to cover up with a long shirt or dress

(6)Dress your yoga pants up, not down. To successfully pull off wearing yoga pants to work, you need to wear stylish tops that will balance out your pants. Try to create outfits that look professional while still being comfortable. Just because you’re wearing yoga pants doesn’t mean you should throw on some sneakers and a tank top.

A cinched button-down or flowy blouse looks great with yoga pants.

Use jewelry and other accessories to take your outfit to the next level.

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