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How To Prevent Jeans From Fading
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Newly bought jeans, can soak in the thick brine first (salt water as long as the taste salty on it), after a whole day, then rub with the hand, do not use machine wash.

Usually in the washing, if you can turn the side out and then clean dry, jeans folded, into the laundry bag (or use hand wash), detergent please use dishwashing (because the general detergent in order to have the effect of white), but also to grease

Jeans or other dyed new clothes all contain a layer of glue (the smell of new clothes), can make the clothing soft, more fixed color to prevent fading. For not too dirty jeans, use detergent to wash, try not to use detergent, the general washing powder contains a certain proportion of bleach, easy to make jeans fade.

In addition, please turn the jeans over to clean, this can effectively prolong its life. Maintenance method is: Can not use water to wash, the jeans should be wrapped in the refrigerator freezer sterilization, and then you can continue to wear