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How To Look Good With Slim Jeans?
- Oct 17, 2018 -

Several different styles of slim jeans:

1. Slim jeans + striped shirt + small shoes

Slim jeans with long-sleeved striped shirts,  plus a pair of black thick heel shoes, it is particularly goddess temperament, before going out to take a handbag or shoulder bag, very suitable for ordinary and girlfriends Shopping, attending friends, etc.


2. Slim jeans + pink T-shirt + high-top shoes

Slim jeans with pink short-sleeved T-shirts, plus black high-top shoes, full of girly, suitable for ordinary shopping or travel,  flat shoes are also easy to walk, suitable for girls who do not like to wear higher . A short girl can also put a T-shirt into the jeans, which will look taller.


3. Slim jeans + black T-shirt + white shoes

Black T-shirts and white shoes are not very Korean style, slightly small and fresh, shoes are the favorite of women, white is almost versatile, so you can prepare double, and the shoes are easier to clean, rainy days also Don't worry, you can also wear a watch if you like jewelry.


4. Slim jeans + sweater + white shoes

This is a mix of spring and autumn, jeans and white tops can be used, it is more elegant, generous, like a crush can put a few more white clothes in their closet, do not need too many patterns, simple, go out With a small backpack, that is the goddess.


5. Slim jeans + striped shirt + white shoes

It can be seen that the degree of matching of white shoes is very high, especially with jeans, it is essential. Then it is a striped shirt. Personally, it is more suitable for a white-skinned girl. It can be more white and highlights temperament. It is a good choice for both work and shopping.


6. Slim jeans + gray T-shirt + white cloth shoes

Gray T-shirts are not very demanding, women with normal skin color can choose, and jeans with a gray T-shirt will make people look more mature, simple and elegant, when you go out to play, you can carry a bag, or you can also Match some small accessories, such as watches and necklaces.


Different jeans with different clothes and shoes can give you a different feeling.

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