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How To Judge The Comfort Of Clothes And Whether They Will Deform After Washing?
- Sep 20, 2018 -

   How to judge the comfort of clothes and whether they will deform after washing?

  1. Fabrics with cotton and hemp content above 90% are easy to be deformed, unstable in quality and easy to fade;

  2. Chemical fiber fabrics such as polyester nylon are generally not prone to deformation, stable in quality and easy to be washed;

  3. Generally speaking, the close-fitting comfort of cotton is higher than chemical fiber, but the effect of absorbent and strong perspiration is not good. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear it during strenuous exercise, which will make it very uncomfortable.Daily leisure wear cotton is more comfortable, but sports apparel or polyester based fabric, do not touch the body, sweat fast, dry fast;

  4. The hemp is cool and wide, with a stiff feel that is a bit stiff. Therefore, it is suitable for wearing in summer.

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