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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Women's Tights
- Jan 07, 2019 -

1. look at the cloth.

Tight pants are of good quality and are they all cotton.

2. look at work.

Are there many threads? Are the threads dense and neat? Whether the trousers feet and waist stitches are double-threaded or not, we should be careful without the above features.

3. Look in the front pocket of tights

Whether the cloth in the trousers pocket is fuzzing or not, the fuzz ball is a waste material very often.

4. watch version

Put your pants flat to see if they are symmetrical.

5. look at the color.

Whether it is symmetrical or not, whether there are flaws, flower spots, color difference, etc. Buy pants with brighter colours and softer feel when you buy them. At the same time, tear them gently with your hands at the foot of the pants. If they break, you'd better not buy them.

6. hand feel.

High-quality tights feel soft after washing and stone grinding, with a plump cloth surface and a remarkable velvety feel.

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