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How To Choose Your Pants?
- Sep 09, 2018 -

1.choose your pants, be sure to try it on in advance, and see whether the length of the pants is suitable for your body, the width of the pants is fit, too long walk, easy standing on his own leg, down yourself, and easy to let a person feel you ACTS to drag their feet, not flat and agile, too short nor too, unless indeed buy is 7 minutes of pants.

2.When wearing trousers, it is better to wear shoes with shoe roots. The length of trousers should go to the middle and upper part of the shoe roots.Appropriate length, namely can walk easily, and can make the leg appears slender again, show your slender figure comes.This length is both discreet and generous.

3.Trousers with flanges are only suitable for those with long legs.When you decide to wear pants with flanges, check to see if they fit, and for people with long, slim legs, they do.If you are short and wear these pants, you will look even shorter.It doesn't hurt to be slim.

4. Choose the style of pants according to your personality. The extroverted personality should wear some fashionable clothes, while the introvert can wear some traditional clothes.It won't be so awkward.What's comfortable to wear.