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How Did The Overalls Become Hot Style Today?
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Overalls was born as early as 18th century, and Levistrauss in 1856 the tailor a coarse blue trousers, fabric material on the thick solid and wear-resistant durability, is the love of gold miners.

And this kind of shoulder-like clothes, is from the Four Seasons repair car posture to be inspired, even this kind of clothing in the 20th century 60-70 years, by pilots favored, and by the 80 's gradually faded out of the fashion circle.

The morning coat, with its big pockets and big pockets, is designed for the workers of the working class and is very practical to receive.

Fashion is a cycle. It goes back and forth and is picked up again. It has become like hot style now.

And now work outfit serves, pass stylist's clipping design, while retaining original taste, also made a lot of breakthrough, let work outfit serves as the fashionable sheet of sizzle hot taste.

1: drawstring slacks

Overalls thick Europe has wide mad feeling to the person, is also this, let a lot of stylish men particularly fascination, and did a draw string in overalls design, feeling giving a person is completely different, both look and design feeling, but also to kind of handsome cashing out overalls.

2: original Japanese overalls

Overalls, will have to mention army green trousers, has been very bright spot in tonal on add straight canister type, easy to play with other style pants on collocation, appear already have style, is also very concave shape.

3: baggy, multi-pocket overalls

Overalls side pockets or bags are the most can highlight the characteristics of the overalls, identification, and have administrative levels feeling, visual effect is rich with shock, not stick to one pattern, all show that the coarse aura, also let more MAN wearing.

What do you notice about overalls that have gone from being out of fashion to being hot style today? Let overalls become the main character of this summer, want enough flavor, enough tide, enough MAN, overalls is a choice absolutely.