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How About The Modal Knitted Fabric?
- Sep 17, 2018 -

As a new type of environmental protection fiber, Modal knitted fabric is a combination of cotton comfort, viscose drape, polyester strength and silk hand-feel, and it still keeps its soft and bright color after repeated washing.The knitting technology still combines the characteristics of the fibre and the knitting itself, such as soft and fluffy, high elastic and comfortable, so that the superior performance of both complements each other.In circular knitting machine (circle), using modal and bare spandex filament of single and double knitting fabric, soft, smooth, elastic, draping floating, luster gorgeous wet absorption, air, and has a silky feel, with this kind of fabric design of fashion clothing, can maximize the embodiment of the human body curve, sex appeal and charm, sculpted the beauty of the female body is favored by the high grade knitted apparel avant-garde fashion.

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