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4 Tips On Wearing A Bunch Of Pants
- Jul 05, 2018 -

In recent years, in addition to a variety of running shoes have been hot, there are many for the running design costumes to become a person of the tide of a single item, such as a hundred lap and comfortable bundle of feet pants!

Simple and mature wind The pants are not only to control the relaxed, casual style of dress, in fact, this kind of trousers can also do very changes, and even create a mature, formal style. The use of a single product stripe shirt bottom, with a sweater or a suit jacket, to create a sense of a gentleman.

The part of the bundle of trousers caters to the upper body light system, matching the carved Oxford shoes, the perfect gentleman. It can also be paired with plain pants, a dark blue shirt with khakis, and half the formal half of leisure.

The trend is to put a bright eye on the lap.

It can be used with a simple print coat, have characteristics of shirts, coats to present, of course, can also use a bundle of trousers to create a sense of the visual effects of fashion, especially this type of trousers has a casual version of the style, there are formal trousers section of the material and stiffness effect, in the wear to catch the rich variety and diversity. If you just want to wear a vegetarian t simply go out, you can also match the more relaxed bundle of trousers style.

Bundle of feet pants so hundred things of course can also create a warm male style, the use of the earth color of the bundle of trousers, will be the basic single product use multi-level to build a warm style of autumn and winter, the use of khaki, dark green and other colors, to create a warm man to see people love! Sen Department Boys love a bunch of feet pants, because the length of the trousers is just on the ankle, so it is very suitable to match the sneakers or low boots, but also suitable for the autumn and winter wear. With a longer version of the sweater or coat looks formal and with a sense of leisure.

Sports Leisure Wind will not have to talk about, after all, the bundle of trousers is a leisure route, the upper body casual set became popular sports wind. On the sports wind, more and more people are wearing the same color as the focus. Inside the different colors of the element t transition, can also be paired with bright colors shoes.