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2.How To Wear Pants?
- Sep 16, 2018 -

6. The long sweater with a touch of national amorous feelings can be matched with a pair of sexy black nine-point pantyhose, which is guaranteed to shine.

7.Long bubble clothing over the hip, white wide belt girdle waist, with black nine-point trousers, dry and atmospheric.

8.Upper body: a black suspender belt and a black Korean bow sweater dress.

Lower torso: a summery grotto with black nine-point trousers (to keep out the cold, and black to cover the leg) and a pair of boots.

Advantage: black, itself can cover up fat, connect dress short skirt, regard as a dress to wear, can lengthen the body model, but do not appear very short again, return can this bottom, a little low bosom, can reflect fat MM more plump, lovely place does not break sex appeal.

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