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2.How To Judge The Comfort Of Clothes And Whether They Will Deform After Washing?
- Sep 20, 2018 -
  1. Due to the high elasticity and tight effect of spandex, most sports clothes for shaping are made of spandex.

  2. The texture of viscose fiber is more delicate and comfortable, but the fastness and wearability are not enough. Therefore, underwear is mainly used.Polyester is more comfortable than most fabrics.

  3. In order to have both the comfort of natural fabrics and the performance of chemical fiber fabrics at the same time, blended fabrics were born.Common basically is terylene blend, do not change model does not drop color good wash comfortable also enough is used.

  4. For the same raw material, knitted fabrics are highly elastic and easy to be deformed (because of coil winding), and woven fabrics have better inelastic preservation performance (all fibers are horizontal and vertical).For example, the windbreaker, shirt and suit are woven in order to keep fit.T-shirts and underwear are knitted for elasticity and comfort.