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Tips for choosing jeans
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Tips one, when buying jeans, the waistband can not be tight or just moderate, it is best to leave a 3 centimeter gap in the waistband, that is, the width of the waistband is slightly larger, so that you can not only wear the space to have the activity, but also can let the pants just hanging on the hip, so that you become like an ad model, more elegant style. 

Tips Two, I believe most people should know, jeans generally buy long do not buy short, on the one hand, because the jeans will shrink after washing, on the other hand is to stay longer to be free to change, according to their own body to match.

If the trousers are short, hehe, I believe we all understand. 

Skill Three, if your stature is not standard, or does not have the body shape like the model, the best is you do not wear the thin tight jeans, because this is not appropriate, also can blow your self-confidence.

To wear appropriate to be in the purchase of a lot of try to wear, so there is comparison, try to squat if the buttocks do not press, then it is feishou appropriate. Tips Four, choose jeans better choose a little looser, because the size of pants around the different, I think it is necessary to introduce the size of trousers table.