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The history of the jeans
- Jul 05, 2018 -

The exact date the jeans were born is May 20, 1873. This day, the Patent and Trademark Office to two immigrants Livai Strauss and Jacob Davis issued their application of overalls patents. The overalls are made with a "denim", which is reinforced when sewn, and brand-new brass buttons are used in trouser pockets and at trouser doors. The idea was made by Nevada tailor Davis. And Davis is Mr Strauss's customer. Strauss was the boss of a small department store.

Mr Strauss hopes to use this new style of trousers to meet the gold miners ' demands, as gold miners often complain that their trousers can't drive the gold particles they put in them. Because this "can put things" trousers received great popularity, so soon had to patent for it, but to achieve this dream, Davis still lacks 62 of dollars. Davis encountered difficulties came to the Strauss home for help, shrewd businessman Livai Strauss without further ado gave him the money.

Because he knew, as Davis assured him, that the new overalls had great economic potential, they would be able to earn a lot of money. And the two businessmen were shrewd enough not to think that their future income would be so much. Not only that, but as time went on, the costumes they designed were no longer the clothes they were wearing, they began to spread to other places, and in the end people all over the world wore them.

It is worn by shepherds, workers, students, wealthy entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and members of the royal family. In the jeans are constantly being new, washed jeans, patches of jeans, denim jeans and a variety of cowboy tops, in the market and on the street everywhere. Denim clothing generally gives a strong, rugged and energetic feeling, work and leisure are suitable. Although Cowboy culture has been popular in the United States and European countries for many years, today denim clothing is still a popular choice for many people in other parts of the world. According to experts, with the development of economic globalization, denim apparel in the World trade status will remain enduring.