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The characteristics of jeans
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Jeans are the star that never dies throughout the year, and are listed as "the top of the costume."

The fabric and color of jeans are more and more, such as straight leg and micro-bellbottoms can make the woman with thick legs look handsome and slender, tight trousers can make fat women become slim, thin women become sexy and so on. As a result of the development of cowboy style is also more diversified, fashion, leisure development trend.

A large number of accessories hardware, leather, knitting, knitted fabric splicing and other manufacturing processes in China, the rapid development and use. Version also from the first straight tube developed out of self-cultivation, Korean version, Little feet, small straight tube, hakama pants Harlan, leisure, business, conjoined, retro, horn and other new kinds. Of course, there are drawbacks. It is fading and morphing.