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Nine pairs of pants and what clothes to wear(II)
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Nine pairs of pants with proper way, next I specifically guide you how to match nine pants. Because men and women wear different clothes, and I try to answer a wide range of questions, please choose the following suitable match for you:

4. Street style is popular. Brown high-waisted leather underwear with white bottom shirt and nine-minute trousers can not only show your long legs, but also make you look handsome. Let the whole body match more uniform, wear brown short boots and leather clothing echoes!

5. Men's nine-minute pants are matched with a long-sleeved shirt with pink and white fashion personality. The elegance reflects the boys'fashion personality. It is a fashionable dress. The sandals on the feet are the boys' full of leisure.

6. Men's nine-minute pants with leisure jacket: Personal fashion men's nine-minute pants with white T-shirt and fashionable personality leisure jacket, fashion fashion shows boys'fashion taste, whether business or leisure is a fashionable dress.

7. Black boys'nine-minute trousers with English-style leather shoes, elegant and exquisite with a little simplicity and comfort. The inner blue T-shirt shows the inner temperament of literary men.

8. Black nine-minute trousers with JEEP style sports and leisure shoes can be controlled from young people in their twenties to middle-aged people in their forties.

9, the popular fluorescent shoes now look more personalized, with black nine pants. Walking along the street will attract the attention of passers-by.

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