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Jeans care
- Aug 19, 2018 -

1, the best cleaning time for jeans is 6-12 months

Wear jeans for a week or a little sweat (赃) and put it in the washing machine. In fact, the damage to the jeans is very big. If you do it for a long time, it will make the shape of your jeans look like it will not wear it. There is a comfortable car and a beautiful leg shape.

The correct method should be, try to clean it once every 6-12 months. If you sweat a lot in summer, you can put your jeans in a ventilated place, spray some water, let it dry in the wind, so the sweat on the jeans will not If the jeans are stuck with some clean stuff, you can spray the water in the sly place, then gently lick off the cockroaches, then hang it in the well-ventilated place, let it dry. Now!

2. Do not dry clean or machine wash for the first time.

Everyone must have the impression that the jeans must be hard after being washed and dried. This is not only because of the reason you use detergent, but also because there is a layer of glue on the denim. Therefore, when washing for the first time, try not to use machine wash or dry cleaning. It is best to wear it on your own body. This will make the jeans more suitable for your leg type, and the effect will be better. After cleaning, you should still hang it in a ventilated place like the top strip and let it dry.

3, jeans must do some color protection before washing

Jeans must do some basic color retention before washing, otherwise the jeans will soon be washed white. The color retention treatment is actually simple. Dip the jeans in a pot with water before washing, then put two tablespoons of white vinegar and soak for about half an hour, so the color of the jeans will not be so serious. Do not believe it.

If you buy it for the first time, you need to pour some white vinegar in the water, and turn the pants over and soak for about half an hour to lock the color, because the dark pants must have a little fade, and the white vinegar can make The blue color is as much as possible to maintain the original luster.

4, please do not soak the pants with hot water, it will have a large degree of shrinkage, the general water temperature can be around 30 degrees, if conditions permit, please do not wash the jeans with a washing machine, it will damage the pleats of the pants, When you encounter the original color pants, the natural whitening of the pants will become unnatural. Do not iron and keep the natural pants.

5, when washing jeans, you must remember to turn inside and wash, can effectively reduce fading. If the jeans are not oily or otherwise dirty, try to reduce the amount of laundry detergent (neutral) (try not to use detergent, alkaline detergent is easy to fade jeans), even wash with water.

6. Fold the jeans into the laundry bag (or use the hand wash), use the dishwashing detergent for the cleaning agent (because the general washing powder has a whitening effect), the ingredients contain a little bleach, so the jeans are easy to fade. The dishwashing detergent does not contain bleach, in addition to the cleaning effect, it can also go to the oil stain).

7, hang from the waist, turn over to dry, dry in a dry and ventilated place, avoid sun exposure, easily lead to serious oxidative fading.

8, if you want to dehydrate, also turn over and dehydrate, not too long, just one minute.

It will be less faded, and the quality of your jeans is good.