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jean pants
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Jeans are also called "sturdy trousers". A kind of tights for men and women to wear. The predecessor of the trousers without a tuck, backs trousers piece without province, the door in the lapel zipper, the predecessor of the trousers piece with a diagonal bag, the back piece has a pointed waist of two stickers, bag mouth seam nails have metal rivets and pressure has open-wire decoration.

It has the characteristics of wear-resisting, dirt-resistant, snug-fitting and comfortable. Jeans generally use labor cloth, tendon labor cloth, such as indigo color mill fabric, but also useful suede, corduroy, velveteen and other fabrics made of, collectively referred to as "jeans." The first in the western United States, has been popular with local miners and cowboys, still popular in contemporary times. Jeans because of wear-resistant, some fabrics soft, wear on the body fashion and comfortable, by the young people's favorite.

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