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How to care for jeans?
- Aug 19, 2018 -

1. Don't wash the cowboy often, it is best not to wash it. The Swedish brand Nudie's denim care guide says: "A pair of jeans is your second skin. You have a close relationship with it. The longer you wear it, the better it looks, and the less you wash it, the less you wash it. It’s better to look at it.” Many character jeans brands tell you straightforwardly: If you insist on not washing your jeans, it will fit your body more and more.

2. If you don't wash your jeans and worry about the smell, try it in the refrigerator freezer. Note that it is placed in the freezer, not the freezer. If you sweat a lot in the summer, you can put your jeans in a ventilated place, spray some water, let it dry in the wind, so the sweat on the jeans will not be there; if the jeans are stuck with some dirty stuff, You can spray the water in a sloppy place, then gently lick off the 赃 Dongdong, and then hang it in a well-ventilated place, let it dry itself!

3. Do not dry clean or machine wash for the first time. Everyone must have the impression that the jeans must be hard after being washed and dried. This is not only because of the reason you use detergent, but also because there is a layer of glue on the denim. Therefore, when washing for the first time, try not to use machine wash or dry cleaning. It is best to wear it on your own body. This will make the jeans more suitable for your legs and the effect will be better. After cleaning, you should still hang it in a ventilated place like the top strip and let it dry.

4. If your jeans are accidentally sprinkled with beer or red wine, don't rush to wash. Beer, red wine, and any wine can make your jeans smell terrible, but don't worry about washing them with water. There are only two solutions: either dry cleaning or not washing until the aftertaste is exhausted.

5. If you can't accept jeans without washing, then when you wash your jeans, apply cold water and do not use bleach. Do some basic color retention before washing, otherwise the jeans will soon be white. The color retention treatment is actually simple. Dip the jeans in a pot with water before washing, then put two tablespoons of white vinegar and soak for about half an hour, so the color of the jeans will not be so serious. Do not believe it.

6. When washing jeans, turn it over and wash it. This experience is the "truth" of washing jeans, even Levi's cowboy care instructions. This will keep your jeans in their original color and wash.

7. Do not wring the jeans after washing. You should hang the hanger directly to dry it when it is dripping. This will ensure the most original shape and wrinkles of the jeans.

8. No matter what your jeans look like after washing, don't use the iron, because the iron is not for jeans.