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How do jeans distinguish between men's and women's?
- Aug 12, 2018 -

Men's jeans are generally flat waist, the size is from 28 to 36 yards, the back pocket will be relatively large, and relatively simple, the line color is also relatively monotonous.

Women's jeans are generally low-waisted, but also have high waist, and the waist is relatively small. This is determined by the body shape of men and women. Women's jeans are generally elastic with fabrics. Recently, women's jeans are popular. The back pocket will be smaller and will have a more complex or conspicuous bag of flowers.

Men's jeans are mainly for casual use, and women's jeans are mainly for self-cultivation.

If the boys are not taller, they will be too long. The way to distinguish between men and women is mainly to look at the style. The women’s style is more fancy, there are sequins, the embroidery is generally women’s, and the pants are type, but it is not easy to see. Come out, because some manufacturers are more casual in this area, there are a lot of trousers are neutral, men and women can wear, there is a better way, men's jeans are generally only w28 minimum, and occasionally 27,27 or less basic It is a women's style, and the length is not as long as a man's style. However, I heard that the codes bought abroad are different from those in the country. The United States is generally hypertrophy, while Japan is the opposite. In fact, as long as it can be worn, the difference between men and women is not Very big, after all, the gender difference of jeans is not big, there will be no big problem.