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Featured Elements of cargo pants
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Bold and unconstrained as the selling point of the tooling style, as long as the choice of bright color system or soft material, will become gentle, so that anyone can accept. White overalls in color can create a fresh and bright new image, although the frock clothes pants mostly khaki or brown, but the white is not completely without. And the most important thing is to wear the most attractive collocation of overalls. Because overalls do not mean blunt boring, it is important to see how you match! Khaki T-shirts, white long-sleeved shirts, under the red cotton overalls, tired of the overwhelming dark color of the men may wish to try the bright red; the tone of the soft frock dress is a khaki shirt with a paint stain, black cotton overalls, leather boots, and a turtleneck sweater with high collar. Khaki and twill coarse collocation is very good, is a fixture style is an indispensable element.

The most rebellious but definitely worth a try is: the upper body of the overalls is empty, no longer have extra clothes. Many pockets are the main features of previous overalls, but now many pockets are no longer the only selling point, multiple pockets, seven-point length, trouser necking, tied rope, buttons, zippers and other details of the new features of this season's overalls, the use of pleated, buckle, low waist and so on, let us have a richer choice. The fashionable overalls this summer is still a big way, become the major brand designers are best at rendering the models. Trendy fabrics, colorful embellishment and bright colors, overalls to its frankness, charm to become a fashion list of a member.

No few pockets of overalls is impossible to imagine, tooling once called pocket, imagine the pocket is a tool how important elements. Tooling in the pocket design has not been very practical, those big and small pockets, decorative value greater. Designed to be more subtle, in the pockets of the shape of more attention to size, length, suture angle of the collocation.

Small Vest + overalls + high heels

In the overalls than trousers in collocation more exquisite, feel the singular heels collocation method is still the magic weapon, a pair of high heel sandals, a strap vest is enough. Only once with a pair of metal sense of the high heel sandals as it is the main push of the overalls in the matching is really good. The fashionable new look of the pants in this season's outfit is absolutely timeless. And with high heels, the lady with a bad legs and a long leg has nothing to worry about.

Harness leg overalls + high heel sandals + Belts The kind of flat shoes and overalls to create the leisure effect has been out, boldly put on high heels, bundle leg overalls More is a chic temperament, and then use the skin to bring out the cool hard style, it must have always been just a lady dress up a bold attempt.

Chiffon Strap-top shirt + satin Overalls Shiny satin overalls are a fashionable hot spot this year, with satin more gentle, dignified, luxurious and more varied elements. Chiffon strap shirt Elegant and feminine full, is the first choice with satin overalls, the package will be gorgeous and full of amorous feelings.

Knitted blouses + overalls + bandage sandals Rope such as the free folding pants, folding effect will increase the woman's whims and simply, loose knit blouse, high heel strap sandals collocation will make the overall feeling softer, rigid and soft and Ji style immediately appear.

Loose top + zipper-leg overalls + high heel sandal overalls Zipper-style harness leg overalls is a strong style, casual and generous. Zipper closure is one of the popular details of this season's overalls, picking loose tops and showing off the casual taste.

Also with high heel sandals collocation, sexy leisurely immediately present. Cotton Vest + small horn overalls + high heel sandals small horn elongated visual effect, people will look high, but the legs have a certain high requirements. If there is a bandage between the waistband design, will be more casual taste, you only choose a simple, simply cotton vest, you can interpret its fashion feeling. will also be at random in a bit lazy, at this time high heels will let you have a more slender illusion.

Small Strap Vest + multi-pocket overalls + high heels Chic handsome Many pockets of overalls is definitely the most fashionable in spring and summer performance! In particular, looking for a multiple-pockets of overalls is indeed in! But the more concise the trousers type, the more your legs are required, you can put on a small vest to enhance the feeling of the upper body, increase the length of the legs. A pair of high heels would look more handsome.