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Fabric of jeans
- Jul 05, 2018 -

Jeans are a very special kind of clothing, its main feature is a long life, and the value of the product with the increase in life is constantly increasing, that is, the older jeans, in fact, should be more valuable, but also more beautiful. The more you wash the more beautiful, the older the more interesting, is the jeans are different from the general clothing salient features. To achieve this goal, the texture of the fabric is undoubtedly critical. Fabric bad jeans, not only the product life is short, wearing uncomfortable, and easy variant, fade, in the process of wearing can not reach the old more valuable effect. At the same time, the added value of jeans is also by washing water to reflect, and wash the quality and effect, is entirely dependent on the texture of the fabric, no good fabrics, is simply impossible to make a very high-grade washing effect. It can be said that the grade of a pair of jeans, to a large extent, is determined by the grade of fabric.

Consumers do not consider the fabric factor when buying jeans, it is very immature performance. Real jeans are made of 100% of cotton, and even the stitches are cotton, and polyester blends can be used instead of cotton, but it's not popular. The most commonly used dyes are synthetic indigo. The traditional rivets are made of brass, but the zippers and buttons are made of iron. The designer's signage is made of cloth, leather or plastic, and some are embroidered on jeans with cotton threads.