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Classification of cowboys
- Feb 09, 2019 -

According to the pants type

◆ Straight type: the most basic style of jeans, such as Levi's501, EDWIN503, Lee101, etc.

◆Skinny type: Emphasizes beautiful styles such as Levi's606, EDWIN502, Lee301, etc.

◆Small bell-bottom tube type: Considering the convenience when wearing high-top shoes, the pants tube is slightly larger, such as Levi's517, EDWIN101F, Lee102, etc.

◆ Large bell-bottom tube type: the popular style in the 1970s, the pants under the knee are very large, such as Levi's646 and other brands

◆ Classic red cloth pants: such as EDWIN505 brand

◆Small pants type: popular in recent years, pay attention to the leisure style of pants

According to the waist line

Student wearing jeans

Student wearing jeans

◆ High-waist jeans: The waistband is above the navel, and it was widely popular in the Chinese region in the 70s and 80s.

◆ Mid-rise jeans: The waist is located below the navel, above the cheekbones, is the most common jeans style.

◆ Low-rise jeans: The waistband is below the cheekbone, and the low-rise jeans are mostly ladies' styles, but the men's jeans that pursue sexy effects often have low-waist or medium-low waist styles.